Northern Oasis Wellness Spa
The NOW Spa offers world class therapeutic massage,
far-infrared saunas and ozone-steam sauna
in a nurturing oasis in downtown Juneau.

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MUST CONFIRM WITH REAL PERSON (prices do not include 5% CBJ sales tax) (call for appointment)
Even if you receive an automatic reply, if you don't hear from a real person within a day or so, please call to confirm. Your appointment tells us your preference, but we can't keep up with the on-line calendar. We try to get back to you personally with a phone call or a personal text as soon as we get the notice, but we have missed a few on-line bookings so we ask you to follow up with a call if you don't hear from us. Thank you! 907-957-8557


60 minute Massage - $70
90 minute Massage - $100


Sauna + 1 hr Massage - $95
The perfect combination - warm up and rev down in a 25 min sauna before getting on the massage table for an hour massage. Towels and robes provided.
Sauna + 90 min Massage - $125
Sauna first then don your bathrobe and move to the Massage Room for a 90 minute massage.
Steam-Ozone + 60 min massage - $125
Steam-Ozone Sauna + 90 min Massage - $155


Sauna - 30 - 40 minutes - $35
30-40 minute (depending on your timeline) far-infrared sauna. Includes towels, water, and time in the sauna room for cooling off and dressing. $10 per extra person.
Sauna - 60 minute - $60
A full hour of sauna time in which you can control your own temperature, step out for a cool off then back in to the sweat some more. Includes towels, water and time to cool down. $10 per extra person.
Pre-paid 5 x 30 min Sauna punchcard - $150
Steam/Ozone Sauna (one 30 min session) - $70
Staff-attended Russian-style steam sauna infused with ozone (super oxygenation).
Pre-paid 4 x Steam-Ozone Sauna Punchcard - $220
FIR Sauna accompanying Ozone Sauna client - $20
The person in the Steam-Ozone sauna has minimal mobility once inside the sauna cabinet. An accompanying person can "attend" the ozone client's needs and enjoy the warmth of the Far-Infrared Sauna.
Directions 315 Third St Juneau, Alaska